Did you know that by age 75, you will have slept for 25 years and had almost one million dreams? It’s scientifically proven that everybody dreams, and Biblically proven that God speaks through dreams. In this 10 chapter book, dream expert, Laura Harris Smith helps you with nutritional advice that will help you take back your dreams for better dream recall, complete with lists of vitamins and minerals to aid that process. Sleep is the mattress of dreams, and so she interviews and cites sleep study doctors to help you sleep better too. Complete with a 1000 symbol dream dictionary to help you interpret your dreams, Seeing the Voice of God also includes an interview with a former psychic and with a former lucid dreamer to discuss the counterfeits of hearing God’s voice. And just for fun, there are iPhone and Android Sleep and Dream Cycle app reviews which use your phone’s sensitive accelerometer to see how you’re sleeping at night. Take back that 1/3 of your life you might be missing and see the voice of God, which is your birthright as His child.

Comes signed by Laura Harris Smith.