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Quiet Brain Focus Diffuser Bracelet Set

$80.95 On Sale

Did you know you can WEAR your Quiet Brain? Introducing Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry for women AND men. GREAT GIFTS made with stress-relieving lava stones formed from cooling magma, ready to soak up a few drops of Quiet Brain or any essential oil for all day aromatherapy. The set includes one 10ml dropper bottle of Quiet Brain and the necklace or bracelet of your choice:

Focus Diffuser Bracelet (stress-relieving lava stone and tiger’s eye stone)
Serenity Diffuser Bracelet (lava stone and calming White Howlite stone)
Double diffuser necklace (in goldtone or silvertone with stress-relieving lava stone)
Sets: $80.95 includes 1 10 ml bottle of Quiet Brain, 1 piece of jewelry and 1 blue gift pouch. ($84.95 when bought separately.)