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10ml Happy Brain™ Dropper Bottle


Looking for a natural way to elevate mood, decrease appetite, boost energy, increase alertness, fight depression and enhance mental clarity? Nutritionist Laura Harris Smith has done the research for you, calculating and combining eight pure and proven citrus and mint essential oils long known for their mood-lifting, appetite-suppressing benefits. Introducing Happy Brain™. Its therapeutic oils include:

Blood Orange – a natural "anti-depressant"; increases alertness; elevates mood
Clementine – rejuvenates; supports mental clarity; promotes a positive outlook
Coconut - (odorless) supports overall brain function
Grapefruit – helps stimulate the brain, decrease appetite, relieve stress
Lemon – natural mood lifter; aids in the elimination of exhaustion, fatigue; weight loss
Lime – natural mood lifter; promotes energy; helps with balancing emotions
Peppermint - boosts energy; improves mental focus; aids in weight loss
Spearmint - a natural "antidepressant"; fuels brain function; boosts oxygen flow